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12 Days of Blogmas is Coming

12 Days of Blogmas is Coming

Happy Monday Friends!

Below is my 12 Days of Blogmas post schedule:


This is subject to change. And I did intentionally leave out the 12th day of Blogmas because I haven’t decided what I am going to post about on that day!

Also this schedule is a little sneak peak of how I stay organized and on top of my blog posts, especially with my hectic schedule during Finals week at Ohio University! I will have a full plan with me post coming in January!


Also I just wanted to share this exciting milestone:

1,000 followers on Instagram!

Guys, this is nuts! Thank you so much!

& if you don’t follow me yet, find me at Sarahjune_xoxo ! Let’s be friends!


2 more days until Blogmas! Are you excited? I am!!

Thanks so much for reading!

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