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12 Days of Blogmas: Day 1

12 Days of Blogmas: Day 1

Semester Wrap Up & 12 Days Of Blogmas: Day 1

Tomorrow I take my last final for this semester & Saturday is our last day in Athens until Spring Semester begins in January. I am so excited for this break. I am in much need of some R & R.

This semester has definitely been the hardest and most exhausting semester to date and I am beyond happy that it is almost over. 

Snow started falling in Athens yesterday and it was coming down thick. It made me wanna to be at home, snuggled up next to the fire, with a coffee and a stack of books!
Guys, only 12 days until Christmas can you believe it? Soo today is Day 1 of Blogmas. Blogmas is just a fancy word that means I will be blogging once a day until Christmas. Generally Blogmas consists of 25 days and starts on December 1, but as I am still at college until the 16th, I am only doing 12 days of Blogmas. Maybe next year I will be able to participate in the fully 25 days of Blogmas! Although, I have a feeling I would run out of post ideas rather quick!

Anyways, back to this year’s Blogmas! If you love Christmas and learning fun things such as stocking stuffers ideas, winter lookbooks and more, hit the follow button & follow along on this little journey of mine!

Over the next 12 days you can expect….

… a lot of Christmas cheer!

….stories & traditions

…what Christmas means to me

…some delicious Christmas recipes.

& much more!

You can check out the Blogmas schedule reveal here!

Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoy this 12 Days of Blogmas Series!

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Leave your link in the comments so I can check it out and maybe leave a comment or two, after I finish up my final exams! 


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