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Unexpected Beauty

Unexpected Beauty

Each new day brings a breath of fresh air. Today is particularly exciting because of the spring like appearance Ohio is showing us today. The birds are chirping. The sun has taken a stance against the clouds and is letting its extraordinary rays of light beam down on us from above. The sky is an indescribable shade of blue. How blessed we are that we get to experience days like this.

When you woke up this morning, did you feel happy that you were given another day on this beautiful earth? Perhaps you didn’t because you woke up and had stressful thoughts of all that you have to get done today. Or maybe you are stuck indoors, while everyone else gets to enjoy the clouds swiftly passing by.  Whether your day is going miserably or quite swell, my wish is that you will read this little blog and feel a little bit of hope.

The green grass, the shining sun, the blue skies, the whirling wind, all features of the earth. How is it that little things like the grass being green or the sun shining bring us feelings of happiness? Because as humans, we appreciate beautiful things. That is the way that God made us. If you haven’t taken the time to look around in the while, there is no better time than the present.

It may be pouring rain where you live right now, find beauty in the drops of water that splatter against your windshield. It might be so windy that your hair is getting tossed in your face, look up at the clouds and see how they move. Are you inside of a building right now? Find beauty in the architecture and the great mind who took the time to plan and execute a building that provides you with shelter each and every day.

I hope that whether you are having a beyond miserable day or the happiest of days that you can find beauty in something that before you hardly even acknowledged.

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