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Dear future self,

Dear future self,

Dear future self,

I hope that you always remember that no matter what there is always a reason to smile. I hope you realize that growing older just means that you will have more wisdom. It’s okay to get laugh lines and wrinkles someday. Wear them proudly. Age is not a limitation, it’s a gift.

Never change who are for anybody because God made you the way that you are for a reason.

Always remember to take time for yourself. Even if the time is limited. Remember to relax and take a minute to soak in the warmth of the sunshine beating down upon your face. Remember to feel and have emotions. & never apologize for crying.

Laugh at your mistakes. It’s okay to feel stupid every now and then.

When you need someone to listen, God is still there waiting for whatever you have to say.

Laugh until you have tears streaming down your face and then laugh a little bit more.

The power of a nice comment, can seriously change someone’s day, so don’t hesitate to tell people the nice things that you think about them.

Be slow to anger. Take a deep breath and realize that everything will be okay. Eventually you will be able to laugh about it.

Tell jokes, even if they are corny.

& lastly, never be ashamed for who you are and for why you are here on this earth. {Mark 16:15}

Much love,

Your younger self.

P.S. Here are some things that might make you smile. You are currently 20. You drink about 3-8 cups of coffee every week. You are at Ohio University taking integrated business cluster. You love espresso. Mornings are not quite your thing, but you also don’t like staying up uber late. You adore laughing.

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