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Intentions & Goals

Intentions & Goals

It is always good to set goals & being intentional about doing certain things in your life will help you keep those goals.

I constantly need to remind myself that I don’t have to wait for the new year to start to change the way that I am living or to make goals for myself.

We will always be telling ourselves that tomorrow will be the day that we make the change happen. What about today? Success starts now.

Below is my list of intentions and goals that I have set for myself. I challenge you to make your own intentions and goals for November.

1. Find more blogs to follow!!

If I don’t follow your blog, please leave the URL in the comments!!

I am always trying to find more blogs to follow because I genuinely enjoy reading and showing support in the blog-o-sphere is important to me.

2. Write in my journal everyday of November, even if its just one line.

I always feel much better after journaling my thoughts & yet I never make time to do so.

3. Drink more water & drink more tea.

I used to hate tea, but I have been loving green tea lately. Especially peppermint leaf.

I always forget to drink enough water in the day, so one of my goals is to mindfully drink water throughout the entirety of the day.

4. Keep a steady evening & morning routine.

Routines are important to me, and when I get busy and stressed I often through them by the wayside, which in turn often makes me more anxious & stressed than I was to begin with.

What are your intentions and goals for November? Don’t wait for the new year to set new goals, you can start now!


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