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Nicaragua: Travel Blog {Part 2}

Nicaragua: Travel Blog {Part 2}

Nicaragua Part 2

For the weekend that we were in Nicaragua, we stayed at Laguna de Apoyo which was created by a volcanic eruption, and is now a crater lagoon that is beautiful beyond words.

Many call the water “delicious”. And I have to admit, it is pretty awesome.

Before heading to our resort, we stopped at the Masaya market where we bought souvinors.


We woke up early on Saturday morning to watch the sunrise over the pool (overlooking the water). It wasn’t hard to wake up because the monkey’s and birds were already arguing in the trees and were making such a ruckus that I could hardly sleep anyways.

It was a steep climb to the top, but the view was absolutely worth it:





How cool is it that we get to live on a world with views that are as beautiful as this?


We spent the morning, basking in the sunlight and a few of us went kayaking.

Later that day, we departed from Laguna de Apoyo and ventured to Granada.

Our first stop was a boat tour of Lake Nicaragua, which is the largest lake (freshwater lake) in Central America.


After the boat tour, we went into the city and were given a few hours to explore and do and see whatever we could in our allotted time span.




When the sun went down, we got sarinated by a mariachi band (not pictured). It was so much fun.

Another day came and went and it was time again for the delicious breakfast!

The fruit in Nicaragua is amazing.


We had our closing banquet at a beautiful venue overlooking Managua:


GCP Nicaragua was an opportunity of a lifetime and I am more than happy that I decided to go on this trip. The people, the places, the food were all beyond my wildest dreams. It was an extremely fun and exciting 13 days spent in Nicaragua and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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