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Karst Stone Paper: Review

Karst Stone Paper: Review

Product Review

Recently I got sent a notebook from Karst Stone paper to review and I was so excited! The company makes notebooks from stone and as soon as I found out about them, my interest was piqued!

Their products boasts the following:

Waterproof. Tear-resistant. Made from stone. Like normal paper, only better.


This notebook is unbelievable. When I first read that it was waterproof, I couldn’t believe it. So I told my whole family, and naturally my brothers brought me a cup of water and urged me to pour it over the pages. The water slid right off.

The pages didn’t wrinkle or anything. After the pages dried off, it was as if they had never been touched by water.


20180507_132915Although, the notebooks are a bit pricey, they really are worth it. The quality of these notebooks are unbelievable.

The pen glides the paper, no matter what brand of pen you are using! Seriously, I wouldn’t be raving about these notebooks if I didn’t love them!!

If you are in the market for a new notebook, this is something that I highly recommend! I will be sharing some more photos on my Instagram as soon as I get more pages filled up!

If you would like to check out my Instagram, click here –> Instagram.

If you would like to visit Karst’s website click HERE!! They have a video on their website that explains a little bit more about how they make the notebooks. They also have planners and bullet journals!


Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Thank you to Karst for sending me a notebook.


Sarah June


*I was sent a notebook made by Karst in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this product for free did not change my opinion of the product in any way. 

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