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A Darker Shade of Magic: Book Review

A Darker Shade of Magic: Book Review

TITLE: A Darker Shade of Magic

Author: V.E. Schwab

Release Date: February 24, 2015

RATING: ★★★★★

5 out of 5 stars


Kell is one of the last Antari—magicians with a rare, coveted ability to travel between parallel Londons; Red, Grey, White, and, once upon a time, Black.

Kell was raised in Arnes—Red London—and officially serves the Maresh Empire as an ambassador, traveling between the frequent bloody regime changes in White London and the court of George III in the dullest of Londons, the one without any magic left to see.

Unofficially, Kell is a smuggler, servicing people willing to pay for even the smallest glimpses of a world they’ll never see. It’s a defiant hobby with dangerous consequences, which Kell is now seeing firsthand.

After an exchange goes awry, Kell escapes to Grey London and runs into Delilah Bard, a cut-purse with lofty aspirations. She first robs him, then saves him from a deadly enemy, and finally forces Kell to spirit her to another world for a proper adventure.

Now perilous magic is afoot, and treachery lurks at every turn. To save all of the worlds, they’ll first need to stay alive.


Pages: 400

Publisher: Tor Books

Series? Yes (Book #1 in Shades of Magic Trilogy)

My Review of A Darker Shade of Magic:

Oh my gosh, I loved this book.

I loved the world building and the characters. Lila, Kell and Rhy are all such lovely characters, although the writing was a bit objective and I wish I could’ve known more of their emotions and what they were thinking.

I enjoyed the different Londons (white, red, grey & black). I loved the premise of the Antari being able to travel from London to London and how they are a dying breed. So needless to say, I loved the magic in this book, I loved concepts behind the magic. Also I love the suspense of not knowing what kind of magic Lila has.

I’ve heard (from other book bloggers and book-tubers) that this book isn’t even the best in the series but is necessary to the success of the other two. I am positive that this book will hold a special place in my heart.

I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the other books in this series.

If you like fantasy, adventure, and/or books with magic, than I 100% recommend that you read this book.

From the Author (V.E. Schwab):

“I wrote this book, so I’m probably biased. Since it’s early, and the full jacket copy isn’t out, here’s a list of things in ADSOM:


–Cross-dressing thieves

–(Aspiring) pirates

–Londons (plural)

–Sadistic kings (and queens)

–A royal who is equal parts Prince Harry and Jack Harkness

–More magic (blood magic, elemental magic, bad magic, etc. etc.)

–Epic magicky fights scenes


–And coats with more than two sides”

Favorite Quotes:

“I’m not going to die,” she said. “Not till I’ve seen it.”

“Seen what?”

Her smile widened. “Everything.”

^^ After I read that line. I literally just closed the book and then opened it back up and read it again. Sigh. So perfect.


Thanks for stopping by and reading this book review!


Sarah June


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