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My Favorite Youtubers To Watch

My Favorite Youtubers To Watch

Blogtober – My Favorite Youtubers and Booktubers that I enjoy Watching

Today I am coming to you with 6 YouTubers that I enjoy watching! There are numerous others that I watch, but these are just some of my favorites as of late!


Emmabooks – She talks about books: books she has read, book she has received/bought, and subscription boxes. I really enjoy Emma’s videos because we enjoy the same genre of books as far as young adult fantasy and sci-fi. Some of her favorite books are anything by Cassandra Clare and Harry Potter.

Hailey in Bookland – Hailey is another booktuber who is an aspiring author. I love seeing what she reads and the progress she is making on writing her own book.

NayaReadsandSmiles – She is so cute the way that she gushes about books.

Other Youtubers:

Lydia Elise Millen – She is a fashion vlogger and youtuber out of the UK. I really enjoy watching her videos because she doesn’t just talk about fashion. She recently got married and moved into a house with her new husband, so she has several videos about the progress of her home. I also enjoy how real she is. I do enjoy her vlogs more than her other videos.

Zoe Sugg – I absolutely love watching Zoe’s videos. I have been watching her videos for several years now. I would love to do some of things that Zoe does, from publishing a book to having a successful blog and social media presence. I enjoy watching her videos because she recently has been sharing more about her work and it is something that I find super interesting!

Kalyn Nicholson – She is from Canada and shares lifestyle videos including everything from organization to sharing her work life, to her workouts and the trips that she takes. I love her planning videos. She is currently participating in Youtober, so go check out her channel and get caught up on all her fantastic content.


Who are your favorite youtubers to watch? Let me know in the comments, so I can check them out!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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