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The Fall Tag!

The Fall Tag!

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Blogtober Day 11

Today I am coming at ya, with yet another tag! This one looks so cozy & fun, so I had to give it a go! Fall is definitely in the air here, the sun is already setting earlier and the temperatures have dropped and the leaves are slowly but surely starting to change color.

The tag and graphics were created by Jenn @ Jenniely and they are absolutely gorgeous!

Hot Chocolate – What is your comfort book?

A comfort book for me is something that cheers you up, warms your cockles. So I would have to say anything by Harry Potter or a light and fluffy contemporary!

Pumpkin carving – What is your favourite creative outlet?

Blogging and writing, are definitely my top two, but I also really enjoy crafting. Also, recently, decorating our new home has been amplifying my creativeness and I love it!

Falling leaves – changes that appear bad but you secretly love

This is a hard question.. I think that all people are marginally scared of change, but it is always nice to have a new outlook or a change of scenery. (I completely realize that I didn’t answer the question, but I’m not really sure how to answer it).

Pumpkin Spiced Latte – Something you love that others tend to judge

I love reading LONG books and long book series. People generally tend to shy away from a book that is daunting in size, but I just jump in and don’t look back (I’m currently reading the Wheel of Time series – I believe its the second largest fantasy series).

Bonfire Night – What makes you explode with joy?

Church family – the hope of the gospel – that my friends, is true joy!

Fright Night – Favourite scary book or film

I don’t really do horror. Like the blood and the gore, is just not my thing, I don’t enjoy it and I won’t force myself to read or watch it.

Halloween Candy – Favourite thing to eat?

100% my favorite thing to eat is a good Taco Salad, but I also have a HUGE sweet tooth.

Scarves – Your Autumn ‘must have’ accessory

Definitely a good jacket & a book. With that combination, you just can’t go wrong.

Fire – A book or film that burns your soul

In a good way? Kingdom of Ash – the last book in Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series.

Toffee Apples – A book or film that seems one thing but really has a different inside

Hmmm – I do love a book or movie with a good plot twist, but I am drawing a complete blank on an answer for this!

Thanks so much for stopping by & reading this blog post – I will see you tomorrow for Day 11 of Blogtober!

I hope you will join me for all 31 days! I will be using the hashtag #Blogtober on Instagram & Twitter.


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