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A Healthy Drink To Brighten Your Day


Six days into the new year. Oh, how I love fresh beginnings. Speaking of fresh, this drink is bound to brighten your day.

This drink is great for the days when you are missing the summer sun beating down on your skin.

Last year for Christmas my grandpa and I bought my dad a juicer and it is so fun to use.

For this drink, I used some Granny Smith Apples and a cucumber.

These ingredients by themselves provide a light and refreshing drink that is both tasty & healthy after all of the eating during the holiday season. If you are looking to do a cleanse this is a wonderful idea to try.

Even if you aren’t doing a cleanse and you are just looking for an alternative to all of the drinks that are full of sugars and calories after all of the eating the a holiday usually brings.



My sister, Maggie and I made these drinks & we weren’t looking to make them super healthy so we added some Limonata which is a sparkling lemon beverage that is found at Kroger.

Maggie is an 11 year old. So these drinks are kid-friendly and received a thumbs up!




I am very excited to try different fruits and vegetables in the future!
If you have a juicer, what is your favorite drink to make?


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