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Autumn Bucket List

Autumn Bucket List

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Blogtober Day 3

These are some of the things that I would like to do this fall! Fall is the perfect time of year to do some of my favorite things!

See the source image  Pumpkin Patch

Go with friends, family, a loved on or by yourself and pick out the perfect pumpkin to decorate your house with! Go one step further and carve it! 🙂

También me han dado calabazas... Y lo he superado. No es tan difícil. Cuando alguien te ignora, el 'truqui' es ignorarle/lo. Ahí sí que tendríamos un

See the source imageCorn maze 

This is something that I have actually already done this fall, but I had to put it on the list because it is just so much fun!

See the source imageBonfire and roast marshmallows

This is one of my favorite things to do in the fall, especially on nights that have a chill in the air.  Grab a blanket and a few friends and have a bonfire. Grab your favorite hot drink and tell stories deep into the night!

See the source imageHayride

Spooky or not, grab some flannel and a mug of something warm and enjoy the brisk air hitting your face on a hayride. I think this will always be one of my favorite fall activities.

See the source imageFall Festival 

Usually during this time of the year there are all kinds of fall festivals. You can usually find them by googling “fall festivals in my area”.

See the source imageMake & eat caramel apples

I found these caramel turtle apple slices on Pinterest  and definitely plan on making them this fall!

Chocolate Turtle Apple Slices are thick slices of Fuji apples covered in melted chocolate, drizzled with caramel and topped with nuts. Find the recipe on

This is a whole new twist on caramel apples and they look delectable!

See the source imageBake and distribute fall cookies

More inspiration from Pinterest, but I would love to bake some sugar cookies and decorate them and then distribute to friends and family for a little encouragement!

Simple Autumn Cookies

See the source imageBake a pie

Fall is the season for pie! I absolutely adore baking, but pies are one thing that I haven’t mastered yet. I would love to bake an apple pie, a pecan pie or even a lemon meringue pie! Mmmm. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

See the source imageGo hiking

Fall is a beautiful time to go hiking. The weather (if cooperating is cool and delightful), the trees are all changing colors, and nature is so fun to see in the autumn time.

See the source imageBurn candles and put up festive decor

I’ve recently been on a candle and book buying spree, which should come as no surprise if you have been following my blog for awhile. I can’t wait to burn all my fall scented candles and make my house and room smell like a dream!

Decorating is another way to get prepared for the fall. Most of the decoration that I put up in October will stay up until I transition them to Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving.

See the source image

See the source imageDrive through the country – roll the windows down – turn the music up

Crunchy leaves.

Long and windy country roads.

Good music.

Wind whipping through your hair.

It’s fall y’all.

See the source imageRake leaves for a neighbor or the elderly

This is an act of kindness that I find makes for a good workout and helps out someone who is unable to rake their own leaves or just doesn’t have the time.

See the source image Enjoy a foggy early morning walk

Much like taking a hike, taking an early morning walk is a perfect time to enjoy the changing colors of fall time. I find that taking a morning walk before the rest of the world wakes up is invigorating and prepares me for the day ahead.

See the source image Take fall photos

The colors of this season are absolutely incredible, make sure you capture the memory and make it last!

See the source image Go thrift shopping for some sweaters or flannel

Preparation for the upcoming colder weather is a must. Switch out your summer clothes for your favorite fall sweaters. Give your closet a face lift and get rid of the clothes that you no longer wear and go shopping for some new items!

Warm winter sweaters piled up.

See the source image Watch some football

Or better yet, get a backyard game of football going! Grab your friends and family and have a competition!

See the source image Read some books!

Fall is one of my favorite times to cuddle up with a good book. It is even better if there is a thunderstorm and all the candles are lit.

Thanks so much for stopping by & reading this blog post – I will see you tomorrow for Day 4 of Blogtober:


I hope you will join me for all 31 days! I will be using the hashtag #Blogtober on Instagram & Twitter.


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Fall Bucket List


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