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Book Policy

To whom it may concern,


Thank you for taking the time to look over my policy for review books. I have created these guidelines in order to ensure that the book and/or campaign that you are proposing fits my website and unique audience.


If you have already sent me an email, skip this section:

In an initial email request, I require:

  1. Book Title, Publisher and Publication date
  2. A short synopsis of the novel
  3. A link to a Goodreads profile or website dedicated to more information on the novel or additional reviews.

Genres of Books I Accept:

Young Adult Fiction:

Including: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Contemporary, Mystery/Thriller

Adult Fiction:

Including: Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc.

Christian Fiction:

Including: Historical Fiction, romance, etc.

Given the novel in question fits into one of these genres, I will consider it for review. These are my personal favorites, but I am open to other genres.


Genres of Books I Do Not Accept:


History Books, Memoirs, Art Books, Self-Help Books, Cook Books

Works of Poetry

I will not accept anything that has a lot of sexual content.


Formats I currently accept:

Final Copies

Advanced Reader Copies



Formats I Do Not Accept:


.pdf or .doc files


While your book may fit all of the requirements stated above, I do reserve the right to deny any valid requests due to my own personal schedule and level of interest.


Additional notes:

If you require a specific post date for my review, I request emails are no less than a month and a half – two months before your targeted date.


Thank you for taking the time to read my review copy policies. If the novel in question fits my requirements, please feel free to submit a formal email request to



Sarah June