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Christmas Traditions

12 Days of Christmas (Day 11) 

Christmas Eve:

My family has some pretty fun traditions and it is part of what makes the holiday season so fun. On Christmas Eve, you can find us around our 8 foot circular kitchen table. It is tradition for us to go around the table and say what we are thankful for, yes, we do this on Christmas Eve. We always eat fried chicken and my dad’s home-made mac & cheese. We will all be drinking sprite mixed with lime sorbet.


  • Cinnamon Roll Breakfast: On Christmas morning, we gather in the living room. Who knows at what time, because there are ten of us, so getting us all in the same room is a feat. We will open our stockings first. Next, we will go to the kitchen and eat cinnamon rolls. I have eaten cinnamon on Christmas morning for as long as I can remember.IMG_5298.JPG
  • After eating, we will all go back to the living room and dad (aka King Jerry) picks one of the kids to read the Christmas story (Luke 2 – you can read this on the blog tomorrow!) After that we will pray as a family.
  • Then the present giving begins. Usually, one of the younger kids will ask to give out the presents that they bought for everyone first. Gift giving usually takes a substantial amount of time.
  • By the time we are all done, the living room is trashed and it is time to look forward to the next meal.

What are some traditions you have in your family? Share them in the comments below!


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