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End of Year Goals

End of Year Goals

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Blogtober Day 8

Today I want to talk about my goals for the remainder of 2019. This year has been BUSY!

Between planning a wedding, working full time, getting married, becoming homeowners, blogging, staying fit, and much much more, 2019 has been a grind! It has also been one of the best years of my life. Seriously, this year has shown us SO many blessings. (& when I say us, I’m referring to my husband & I).

Without further rambling, let’s get into my goals for the end of the year:

Goal 1: Budget & Save

2020 is our goal year for becoming debt free and we are still on track to make that happen. For the remainder of 2019, we will finish paying off our last credit card debt and then we will take our first bite out of Trey’s school loans (mine are already paid off!!).

Finances can easily be carried off course in the last part of the year – because of Christmas, extra sales, and just temptation to SPEND! Our goal for this upcoming Christmas season – is to set a budget ahead of time of how much to spend on each person & then STICK to the BUDGET!!

Being careful with our spending during the remainder of 2019 will ensure that we are set up for success in 2020, as well as provide a security blanket with our emergency fund.

We are determined to be debt free by October/November of 2020!

Goal 2: Run More & Eat Healthy

In the months leading up to my wedding, I was eating incredibly healthy and running almost every day.

I was successful at not eating sugar for several consecutive days at a time & I was so motivated to get a workout in every single day. I was running as well as strength training, and my body felt so strong and healthy.

Fast forward to two months after the wedding. I have definitely been eating UN-healthy, tons of sugar and lots of junk food. I have only gone on a few long runs since returning from our honeymoon.

My goal for the remainder of 2019 is to build my running endurance back up. I was running 3 to 4 miles comfortably and I felt so GOOD afterward – I’d like to get back to that point. I finally also moved some of my weights to our new house and Trey and I are starting to save towards our at-home gym.

I also want to get back to not eating sugar so much. Desserts should be saved for special occasion – not an everyday thing, and definitely not just something to snack on.

Goal 3: Finish Renovations on at least 2 rooms

As you know, this year I become a home-owner. Owning a house comes with a myriad of responsibilities some more pleasurable than others. Trey & I have a long-term goal of buying/building a bigger house in 5-6 years. While we live in our current house we would like to do renovations, to make the house more sellable in the future. Our house has 3 bedrooms – 1 is the master, 1 is used for Trey’s office, 1 is currently empty that will (Lord willing) be our future nursery.

For 2019, I would love to finish renovations on the {future} nursery and on our entryway.

Renovations are time consuming and can be hard on the budget, so that’s why I would like to start with finishing these two rooms and save the others for 2020.

Goal 4: Finish the Wheel of Time

I mentioned in my Autumn Reading List (TBR) that I have started the daunting series, the Wheel of Time. For those of you who don’t know, it is a 14 book series written by Robert Jordan – when Robert Jordan passed away Brandon Sanderson finished writing the Wheel of Time. I have finished 3 of the 14 books. I would really like to wrap this series up this year- but the books are HEFTY and I don’t always have time to read.

Goal 5: Grow my Blog & Etsy page 

My goal for my blog recently has been to use it a secondary stream of income. I would love to be able to use my blog and my Etsy page to supplement my income and help reach my other goals quicker.

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If you are interested in checking out my Etsy store, click this link: Old Mill Books. I will have a blog post later this month, detailing my goals for my Etsy store and my vision for the future!

Thanks so much for stopping by & reading this blog post – I will see you tomorrow for Day 9 of Blogtober!

I hope you will join me for all 31 days! I will be using the hashtag #Blogtober on Instagram & Twitter.


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  • Wow. I would be super impressed in you finished a Wheel of Time series this year. I remember reading the first book ages ago but I don’t think I ever finished it!

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