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Goodbye January

Goodbye January

Tomorrow is the last day of January. Can you believe how fast the days go by? Sometimes I am shocked every time the sun starts setting and I think to myself, “Where did the day go?”

For the eleven remaining months of 2016, what do you plan on doing with your time? Are you going to approach each day like you always have or are you going to wake up with determination coursing through your veins? Resolutions don’t have to be made at the New Year. You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the week to start a new diet or work out plan. Set a goal for February. It doesn’t have to be a physical goal.

My goal for February is to join a new club. As my readers it is your job to keep me accountable.

What is your goal? To make a new friend? To start each day off by reading the Bible? To study for every test or to turn in your homework on time? To make progress on your long term goal? To be more positive? To say one kind thing to somebody every day? Leave your goals in the comments below so that we can be accountable together!

We are not guaranteed another day on this earth. If you were told that you only had a limited amount of time to live, would you be satisfied of your time here on earth? Did you accomplish your dreams? Did you reach your goals? Oftentimes I get discouraged because I make my goals pretty big and when I don’t reach them I find myself frustrated for not doing more work or making more progress. But then I remind myself that if I gave the best shot that I could, then I can’t be disappointed in my efforts.

Memories from January 2016:

I started my journey as a Resident Assistant.

I started my sophomore year of spring semester classes, which includes Business Cluster, incorporating Finance, Management, Marketing and Management Information Systems.

Went to a late night black out basketball game and watched as Ohio University beat Kent State.

And lastly, my favorite part of January, was starting this blog.


Thanks for reading dear friends.




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2 thoughts on “Goodbye January”

  • OU beat Kent State? Well that won’t happen when I’m there😜 Love your blog so far… But are you really gonna do it every day? I would get bored, but then you’ve always loved writing:)

  • I hope you like your job and put your best into it. Is Lydia thinking about OU?
    Tomorrow we are driving to Wheeling with 3 puppies. Twelve leaving this weekend.

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