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List of Bloggers Participating in Blogmas

List of Bloggers Participating in Blogmas

December 2018 – Blogmas is here!

Blogmas Day 1


Can you believe that we are already in the final month of the year?

This month is dedicated to Blogmas where I will be posting once a day for the entire day of December. I am going to post a myriad of festive recipes, activities and more!

That being said, I will hardly be sharing any book reviews until the new year, so if you have sent me a book to review or if you are waiting on a certain review, please be patient as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!

Now the moment that you all have been waiting for! Here is a list of bloggers who are also participating in Blogmas.

I implore you to go check out each and every one of these blogs because its starting to get festive around here!!

These lovely blogs are participating in Blogmas:

Fraser’s Fun House

Kay At Home

Melanie At Home

Girl on the Fly

The Badass Writer

Native Rose

Tammy’s Reading Life

The Paperback Piano

Grace at Prayer and Passports

My Beyoutiful Life

Read With Allison

Gemma at Enter My World

Yours, Chloe

Peregrine Arc

As Told By Temi

A Red Hair Girl

Reading With Jessica

Snaily Can Flyy

Broke Girl in the City

A Rosie World

Charlene McElhinney

Sarah June – me!

Go check them out, share some love on their pages!

P.S. If your name is on this list and you want me to change how it appears, please let me know!! 

Calling all Bloggers

If you want to add your link to this list, click the following link –> Are you participating in Blogmas?

Come back tomorrow Blogmas Day 2 where I will be sharing my 31 Things to do Before December 31:

31 Things to do Before December 31

Each of my Blogmas posts will be going live at 11 AM.


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Blogmas Day 1

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