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Festive Christmas Drinks

12 Days of Christmas (Day 3)

Ways to decorate & drink hot cocoa:

This first picture is all of the ingredients that we used to make Death by Hot Chocolate.

We made a quick stop at Kroger on our way home from church (this post is not sponsored by Kroger). & these are the items we picked up. The mugs in the background are from World Market. The hot cocoa is from Sam’s Club.


Making hot cocoa for 7 people turns into a pretty big ordeal.

And this was the finished product.

We started by boiling water, and we then stirred the hot cocoa packets into the hot water. Then, we added all of the toppings. Whipped cream goes first, then comes the chocolate drizzle, marshmallows, candy canes, and whatever other toppings your heart desires for a festive hot cocoa drink.

The picture below is the finished product!


It was absolutely delicious.

You can always buy a big tub of Nestle hot chocolate & spoon out three teaspoons of hot chocolate mix into the mug of your choice. Boil water and fill the cup with some room to spare. Stir in the hot cocoa mix and then add the toppings of your choice.

Sparkling Ginger Ale Cranberry Punch

A perfect, light, & refreshing (non-alcholic) drink for the holidays. I actually got this idea off of Youtube & it turned out splendidly.


Step One: Pick out some glasses of your choice.

I went with some clear crystal glasses so that you could see the beautiful coloring of the drink.

Step Two: Make the punch of your choice.

The pink liquid was a cranberry lemonade juice which was very tasty. I mixed that with some ginger-ale in one glass & sprite in another. It is really up to you what you choose to mix it with. You could just get straight cranberry juice, or you could use sparkling water instead of the two soda options.


Step Three: Decorate!

When I was happy with the two drinks, I popped some fresh cranberries on the top of the drinks and added some festive straws.


Step Four: ENJOY!

The kids loved drinking this, as they said they were getting tired of all of the hot chocolate that we had been having!


Once you have your perfect hot chocolate drink or other festive drink, go and sit down & relax. Read a good book, watch a movie, or stay tuned for my next blog.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you for reading 12 Days of Christmas Day 3! Stay tuned for the next blogs in this series!



-Sarah June

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