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I’ll be Home for the Holidays

Twelve Days of Christmas (Day 1)

If you are reading this, that means you are reading the first post of my new blog series, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Welcome to my blog. Sit back & warm your hands by the fire. Okay, there isn’t actually a fire where you can warm your hands, but just imagine it. The imagination is magical.

Last Saturday I traveled home from Athens, Ohio. From the 740 to the 937. Wrapping up the semester always brings a satisfied feeling. I now am free to do all of the Christmas things that I have been waiting to do. I’ve got quite a line up of things to get done for these blogs, but, I do believe that you will be pleasantly surprised.

On Christmas Eve, my family will once again be together. It is becoming rare that we are all under the same roof, with Forrest living in Pittsburg, Lydia going to Kent State and me at Ohio University. Next year it will be even more difficult with Caleb going off to college.

The importance of family and traveling home for the holidays always means so much to me. It saddens me that I don’t get to see my entire family for the holidays. I have cousins in California, cousins in Oregon, and cousins in Belgium. To have them all in Ohio would be quite difficult, but what fun it would be.

If you are unable to travel home for the holidays, I wish you the happiest thoughts of Christmas to fill your dreams every night.


Thanks for reading.


Sarah June

P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog!

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