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Motivation Monday | Spring Evening Routine

Motivation Monday | Spring Evening Routine

If you read my Motivation Monday post from last week – Spring Evening Routine, you will quickly see that my evening routine is MUCH longer and MORE extensive than my morning routine.

Come back every Monday for Motivation on a different topic!

Like always, if you have an idea of something you would like to hear about, please leave a suggestion in the comments below and I will try and incorporate it into the series!!

In this post I’m going to talk about what a typical evening after work looks like for me. Not all of my evenings are the same, but for the most part I do the same thing every night.. (unless I don’t, hahah).

My evening routine technically starts from the moment I get home which is around 4:45 PM.

4:50 PM – Change into work-out gear.

As soon as I’m home, I change clothes, and I re-fill my water bottle. I prepare my phone for whatever I am going to listen to while I run/workout. I typically will listen to an audiobook or to a workout playlist.

5:00 PM – Stretch – Run – Stretch – Strength Training. In a future post I will go more in depth on what I do for my workouts but on week nights my workout typically includes running between 1.5 and 2.5 miles and then doing a strength training workout.

6:00 PM – Shower – Skincare – Shave

Usually after running and lifting weights, I am exhausted, but I force myself to go get in the shower right away so that I don’t lose motivation.

Although this is early in the evening, its when I will wash my face and do my other daily skincare routines.

6:15 PM – Get dressed – Finish Skincare

This is the point in the evening where I change into super comfy clothes. They are often not the most flattering but, I definitely enjoy comfort over how I look in the evenings at home. After getting dressed, I will finish my skincare by moisturizing, and drinking more water. Both of these things are SO important to having healthy skin.

6:30 PM – Eat supper

While I am still at home, I have the luxury of eating whatever my family is eating for supper, which means that I don’t have to spend the time to plan and cook it. Once I am married (in just a few short weeks!!) I will have to give myself more time to meal prep and plan out supper for the week.

If my family for whatever reason, doesn’t have a plan for dinner, my go-to meals have been eggs and toast or a protein smoothie with banana and spinach.

7:15 PM – Take a walk, read a book

This is the time of the night that I just RELAX. I will spend time with my family or with Trey. Since the weather has been so nice recently, we have been taking a walk after supper (gotta get those steps in, am I right?)

9:00 PM – Wind down for the night

I go to bed super early, and getting eight hours of sleep is super important to me.

I usually head up to my room around 9 PM, and then I will spend some time reading my Bible and my devotional, and then reading a few more chapters of whatever book I am currently reading.

I will then brush my teeth, and get into bed.

Around 10 – 10:30 PM I turn off my lights and I try to stay off my phone. Endless scrolling is my biggest problem! But I am usually pretty good, about putting my phone down after 15 minutes and going to sleep!

What is one part of your evening routine that is nonnegotiable? (One thing that no matter how the evening goes, it is one thing you still want to do every night?)

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for joining me for this Motivation Monday post!


Sarah June


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