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Christmas Bucket List: Blogmas Day 2

Christmas Bucket List: Blogmas Day 2

Blogmas Day 2:

I will have two weeks at home for the holidays, between going home from fall semester at Ohio University & leaving for Nicaragua on January 1. While I’m at home, I have a bucket list of everything that I want to do while I am there & of course it’s a Christmas Bucket List.

A lot of these items have to do with spending time with family because it’s the only time I will get to spend a great chunk of time with them & I am going to soak it up until my heart is content. This is the perfect round-up of things that I want to do and accomplish during the Christmas Holidays!

A view highlights:

Make a Gingerbread House:

It has been ages since I have made a gingerbread house, so I am hoping to have a little competition with my family while I am at home! They are so fun to make and decorate!

Play Board Games:

Playing board games is just something that happens at my house during Christmas time. I love the laughter and competition that comes from playing games with my family, and the memories!!

Read at least 3 books: 

Guys, I am scheduling a BTR (Books to Read) List for January because my schedule next semester will allow me to do more of the things that I enjoy! I am beyond excited to share it with you guys! Reading has always, always, always been one of my favorite hobbies. I love exploring new lands, and the twists and turns that the author can take you on physically and emotionally! Also, it has always been a life-long dream of mine to publish a book!

Christmas Photo Shoots: 

I already have a few shoots planned for as soon as I get home! Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Twitter to get all the behind the scenes and more!

Read about Jesus’ birth:

My family does this every Christmas,  and it is something that I always look forward to. Beyond that, I have recently had this urgency to learn all that I can about the gospel. We are not promised another day on this earth, and we are here for a purpose. I definitely can’t wait to share more about this in a future post!



What are some things on your Christmas Bucket List? Let me know in the comments!!

Thanks for reading!




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