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Nemesis: Book Review

Nemesis: Book Review

TITLE: Nemesis (Project Nemesis #1)


Published:  March 21st 2017

RATING: ★★★★

4 out of 5 stars


He killed me. He killed me not. He killed me.

It’s been happening since Min was eight. Every two years, on her birthday, a strange man finds her and murders her in cold blood. But hours later, she wakes up in a clearing just outside her tiny Idaho hometown—alone, unhurt, and with all evidence of the horrifying crime erased.

Across the valley, Noah just wants to be like everyone else. But he’s not. Nightmares of murder and death plague him, though he does his best to hide the signs. But when the world around him begins to spiral toward panic and destruction, Noah discovers that people have been lying to him his whole life. Everything changes in an eye blink.

For the planet has a bigger problem. The Anvil, an enormous asteroid threatening all life on Earth, leaves little room for two troubled teens. Yet on her sixteenth birthday, as she cowers in her bedroom, hoping not to die for the fifth time, Min has had enough. She vows to discover what is happening in Fire Lake and uncovers a lifetime of lies: a vast conspiracy involving the sixty-four students of her sophomore class, one that may be even more sinister than the murders.


Pages: 443

Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Series? Yes: Book one in the (Project Nemesis #1) series

MY REVIEW OF Nemesis: 

Nemesis follows two main characters Min and Noah. The book starts out as told from Min’s perspective and then in part 2 switches to Noah’s perspective. In part 3, it switches between their POV every other chapter. I did get a little bit confused between the switching POV’s, but all in all I think it really worked.

I really enjoyed Min’s character. She is tough and willing to stand up for what is right. Noah’s character was kind of a different story. At first I sympathized with him, but as the story went on, I found him more and more annoying.

Nemesis is a completely unique book, unlike any I have ever read before, and with how many books I’ve read, that’s kind of hard to do.

The book does take a sharp turn from what you think it will be about, which kept me on the edge of my seat while reading. It is a bit frustrating reading this book, because you think you will finally get to more about what’s going on, and then you never do. But it is so intriguing that you keep reading anyway.

I’ve heard some reviewers say that this would make an excellent TV show and I am inclined to agree. This book is nothing like the TV show LOST but it gave me the same feelings of total confusion and mystery at the same time.

If you enjoy reading young adult science fiction with some mystery then this book is for you! To some it may even be considered a dystopian novel.

I am looking forward to getting the second book to continue the series.

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