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Self-Care on a Budget

Self-Care on a Budget

17 Ways to Practice Self-Care on a Budget

I’m in the thick of my last semester at Ohio University and I strongly believe in taking time for self-care. I also love things that I can do on a budget as I am trying to save money in college.

  1. Take a bath. I love Lush products as much as the next girl, but they tend to get a little pricey and aren’t something I always have room for in my budget. I love bubble baths and things that smell good… solution?
  2. Unplug from technology for awhile. This doesn’t have to be for an extended time, it just needs to be an intentional set amount of time, where you tell yourself you’re not going to check social media or emails or any of the sort. It could be 20 minutes or 3 hours, and spend that time doing something relaxing!
  3. Read a book. This is something perfect to do, while being unplugged from social media. I find that after totally immersing myself in a good book, I feel so much better. Oftentimes I think this work because I’m not using the time to worry or fret about my current situation (which I am quite guilty of).
  4. Get some fresh air, take a walk or ride your bike. Sun and fresh air always do me a world of good and my mood is always immediately lifted when I take some time outdoors.
  5. Do a stream of concious journalling session. This is where you get out your journal or a blank sheet of paper and you write down everything that comes into your mind until you have nothing else to write down. I find this helpful if I have a lot of information to sort through and am feeling bogged down by all that I am going through.
  6. Pray. If you pray, spend time in prayer. Talking to God and casting all my cares, and worries to him always lifts a weight off of my shoulders. Praying is such an important aspect of my walk with the Lord, so finding extra time to just pray always puts me in a better mood. Prayer is such an essential communication with the Lord.
  7. Write down things that you are grateful for.
  8. Paint your nails. For some reason, just the act of painting my nails puts me in better mood. It makes me feel accomplished and ready to take on life!
  9. Listen to music that will make you dance. Dance.
  10. Clean or tidy something. This might not be your idea of something that will make you feel better, but once you have a clean slate or a clean area, your mind will be cleaner!
  11. Write a letter to someone and mail it. I adore snail-mail. I love writing letters and I love receiving letters.
  12. Eat a piece of chocolate. I adore chocolate, but I recently I have been learning to love it in moderation, as I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle.
  13. Buy a sheet-mask at the drugstore and do a mini-spa. Take a bath or shower, play some music, light a candle, do your nails, lather on some lotion, put on a face mask and just spend some time relaxing. Remember to breathe.
  14. Make a to-do list or a task list of everything that you need to get done. Oftentimes when I write down all the things that I need to do, it makes me feel better to see it all in one place. What’s even better than making a to-do list? Checking off the items on the to-do list!
  15. Write yourself a love-note. Let yourself know that you are doing great and you are strong enough to handle whatever you are going through!
  16. Color, draw or paint! Get your emotions out on paper by coloring outside of the lines. Draw what you are feeling!
  17. Smile. Smiling is so important. Find things or people that make you smile and laugh, and make sure to keep them around!



Did I miss anything? What do you do when you have a self-care day? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for reading!


Sarah June


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