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So Much More.

Today I am sitting in a coffee shop, drinking espresso and thinking about life. People often ponder why we were placed here on this earth and many more people state, “There must be something more!”. Oftentimes this statement is made in a frustrated gesture toward the mundane, the bland, the boring days that leave us too exhausted to do anything but sleep. But friends, let me give you a sliver of hope, there is more. There is so much more.


I urge you to look at all of the things in your life. Look at the sun that continues to rise every day. Look at your children and see their happiness. Look at your home, and find peace in the messiness, it’s messy because you have the blessing of children. Watch the rain fall and wonder about the rain. Read a book and realize that you were given the gift of reading. Now go outside and look around. Breathe in as much air as you can and then let it all go. Let the crisp, cold air fill your lungs and feel alive. Look at the little things that surround you. Do you own a car? Do you have the luxury of three meals every single day? Every night do you get to sleep in a bed? Do you have a paycheck or someone in your life that supports you? Do you have friends and family that will be there for you no matter what? Do you have people in your life that make you smile? There is more. You are realizing how much there is to this life and how blessed we are to be here.

Yes, we will all have struggles and times in our life when we can’t find the motivation to do anything but be. But scream your frustrations to the heavens or whisper them in the quietness of your bedroom, someone is listening. Someone who cares about you placed you here on this earth. You are here for a reason.

There is so much more… all you have to do is find it.IMG_5841

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