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Twelve Things to do at Christmas Time

12 Days of Christmas (Day 9)

12 Things to do during the Holiday Season:

  1. Curl up with a hot mug of Joe or hot cocoa & read a book. Winter break is the best time to get caught up on all the reading you miss out on during the rest of the year. Check out my Festive Christmas Drinks Blog.
  2. Start a puzzle. Cooped up inside with nothing to do &/or nobody to do anything with? Start a puzzle. Make it your goal to get it done before Christmas or the New Years. One of my favorite things to do while home for Christmas is doing a puzzle.
  3. Go Ice Skating. I am terrible at ice skating, but most people enjoy it, so find a rink and go! Get some good pictures while you are at it.
  4. See the lights. Whether you go big like going to see the lights at the closest zoo or a place as magical as Clifton Mills, or just driving around to see the lights in your neighborhood, it will surely put you in the Christmas spirit.
  5. Do a gift exchange.
  6. Sing along to Christmas music.
  7. Decorate your room.
  8. Watch all of the classic Christmas movies. How the Grinch stole Christmas. Charlie Brown. It’s a Wonderful Life. Miracle on 34th Street.
  9. Start a new tradition with your family ( Stay tuned to the 11th Day of Christmas to read about my family’s Christmas traditions).
  10. Build a gingerbread house – make it a competition (This is on my bucket list to do this holiday!)
  11. Make Christmas cookies & decorate them/ just bake in general. Check out my Christmas Desserts Blog & Wisdom Teeth & Christmas Brownies !
  12. Be with friends and family. Check out the photo shoot I had with two of my sisters:Fog & Sisters.


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Let me know in the comments what your favorite thing to do is at Christmas time!!

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