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Ultimate Christmas Bucket List

12 Days of Christmas (Day 4)

My Bucket List for future Christmases

**Disclaimer: I did not take this photos, claim these photos or own these photos in any way or form.
  1. Shop in NYC for Christmaschristmas-in-new-york-city-new-york-city-united-states1152_12940008379-tpfil02aw-10496

  2. Photograph people ice skating in Central Park, New York Citytree

  3. Experience a Christmas in Londonchristmas_in_london_by_kara21-d5pjtml

  4. Spend Christmas at Disneylandwalt-disney-world-christmas-pictures-034

    My family has actually gone to DisneyLand during December but I would love to experience it at Christmas-time.

  5. Go sledding until you are so cold you can’t feel your toes, and then warm up inside by the fire

  6. Go on a sleigh ride pulled by horses in the

What are some of the things on your ultimate Christmas Bucket List? Write them in the comments below!

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