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Wisdom Teeth & Christmas Brownies

Wisdom Teeth & Christmas Brownies

12 Days of Christmas (Day 8)

Tomorrow is the first day of winter and it is the day I get my wisdom teeth out. I am a bit nervous. Don’t worry though friends, because I already have all of the blogs in this series, (12 Days of Christmas) written & scheduled to post.

My hope is that in three or four days I will be able to eat some Christmas foods, I will keep you updated on that!

For those of you who don’t know, I have to go to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth out because my bones are in the way. Also, my bottom wisdom teeth are super close to my nerves. So instead of the regular laughing gas, I will be given an IV and put under & then they will be giving me 14 shots in my mouth to numb it.

Oi. It will be a fun, fun day, yeah?

During my recovery I plan on eating loads of ice cream & watching Netflix.

I am currently watching a bit of the Once Upon A Time TV show on Netflix. & I have slowing been working my way through Lost (but I am barely through season 2). Any Lost fans out there?

I also have loads of pictures to edit so maybe I will get some work done.

While I am gone I have this lovely Christmas brownie to share with you!


I started with box brownies and I baked them like I normally would. We fit two boxes of brownies in the cookie tray that we use. The picture below is what they looked like!


Let your brownies cool. While they cool you can get together your ingredients that you are going to use to decorate.

I made some homemade buttercream frosting. I used the recipe from Sweet Savory Life and you can see the recipe by clicking on the link.

For these brownies I halved the recipe and then used some food coloring to make it green.


I put a plastic sandwich bag in a cup and spooned it into the cup. Make sure you use a pretty sturdy bag, mine ended up ripping and I had to use a new bag.

Then we cut off the edges of the brownie (& we ate them!). Next, cut the insides of the brownie into triangles that look like Christmas trees. It’s okay if they are different sizes.

You can add sprinkles to the icing, or just use the icing. Then we used candy cane bits for the tree trunks.


Thanks for reading!


Sarah June


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