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Book Unhaul

Book Unhaul

On Wednesday, I shared all the books I’ve received recently from publishers and authors, and today I want to share with you the books that I will be un-hauling from my shelves. A LOT of them are ARCs which means that I can’t sell them, but I am going to let my family pick through them and the ones leftover I am going to donate.

The reason why I am starting to get rid of books is twofold. First, I have been receiving loads of new books recently and I am running out of place to put them! Second, I am engaged and Trey and I will be buying a house (fingers crossed) VERY SOON! For that reason, I have been trying to downsize my book collection until we buy our forever-home which is at least 5 to 10 years away!

1. The Dysasters (The Dysasters #1)

I was sent this book as a part of the blog tour: The Dysasters: Blog Tour and I ended up giving it a THREE out of FIVE stars, and I don’t ever for see myself reading it again.


2. Killing Adam

I was sent this book by the author and you can read my thoughts on it here: Killing Adam: Book Review.


3. Dead Sea Rising

(Dead Sea Chronicles #1)

This was an ARC I was sent as a part of a book launch.


4. The Colonel and the Bee

by Patrick Canning

This is yet another book sent to me by the author, you can read my review here: The Colonel and the Bee: Book Review

5. Outrun the Wind

by Elizabeth Tammi

This was an ARC, you can read my review here: Outrun the Wind: Book Review


6. Treeborne

by Caleb Johnson

This was another ARC that I ended up DNFing.


7. Becoming Gertrude: How Our Friendships Shape Our Faith

by Janice Peterson

This was another book I was sent and read but ended up not reviewing.



So seven books for my first un-haul, not too shabby to start. Depending on how big the house is that we buy, I may need to have several more un-hauls, so stay tuned for those in the future!

I hope you have the best Friday ever, thank you for stopping by and reading this post!


Sarah June


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