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Crackin’ Christmas Tag

Crackin’ Christmas Tag

Hello and welcome to Blogmas Day 11!

Can you believe that there is only 2 WEEKS until Christmas! December always flies by!

I’m back today with another Christmas tag and this is another tag where I will do the questions and answers and leave it open for anyone who wants to use on their own blog!


1. Weirdest family Christmas tradition?

I don’t know if I have any weird Christmas Traditions, but one year we went tractor sledding and it was a blast!

2. It’s Christmas Eve, what are you doing?

We have an awesome Christmas Eve tradition where we eat fried chicken and make a punch with lime sorbet and sprite. It is one of my favorite days of the entire year, because my entire family is home, we share what we are thankful for and their anticipation in the air!

3. Top 3 Christmas dinner components?

Rolls – Homemade

Ham – Preferably honey roasted

Mint-Chocolate Cookies – Homemade by my mom!

4. When do you decorate your house? November, the beginning of December, the week of Christmas?

We always decorate our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. The rest of our decorations slowly get added through the month of December.

5. Loved and loathed Christmas songs?

Loathe: all the versions of “Last Christmas”

Love: Hymns and songs that talk about Jesus’ birth!

6. One big present or lots of little things to open?

I’m not sure that I care either way!

7. What is your favorite Christmas decoration? (Include a photo if you have one)

I love our manger scene! I don’t have a photo, but it is a giant manger scene that covers the top of one our buffets and the figurines are just beautiful.

8. – Do you like to have a themed tree or one with a bit of everything?

Our Christmas tree in the living room has all of our hand-made decorations on it. I have seven siblings, so including me, there are 10 of us, so the amount of hand-made decorations collected through the years is bountiful!!

9. Christmas pudding: yay or nay?


10. What’s at the top of your Christmas wishlist this year?

I have a load of books that I have asked for! 🙂


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