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Killing Adam: Book Review

Killing Adam

Expected publication: January 1st 2019 by Profoundly One Publishing

Rating: ★★★

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


The world runs on ARCs. Altered Reality Chips. Small implants behind the left ear that allow people to experience anything they could ever imagine. The network controls everything, from traffic, to food production, to law enforcement. Some proclaim it a Golden Age of humanity. Others have begun to see the cracks. Few realize that behind it all, living within every brain and able to control all aspects of society, there exists a being with an agenda all his own: the singularity called Adam, who believes he is God.

Jimmy Mahoney’s brain can’t accept an ARC. Not since his football injury from the days when the league was still offline. “ARC-incompatible” is what the doctors told him. Worse than being blind and deaf, he is a man struggling to cling to what’s left of a society that he is no longer a part of. His wife spends twenty-three hours a day online, only coming off when her chip forcibly disconnects her so she can eat. Others are worse. Many have died, unwilling or unable to log off to take care of even their most basic needs.

After being unwittingly recruited by a rogue singularity to play a role in a war that he doesn’t understand, Jimmy learns the truth about Adam and is thrown into a life-and-death struggle against the most powerful mathematical mind the world has ever known. But what can one man do against a being that exists everywhere and holds limitless power? How can one man, unable to even get online, find a way to save his wife, and the entire human race, from destruction?



Pages: 224

Publisher: Profoundly One Publishing

SERIES? I believe it is a standalone.

MY REVIEW OF Killing Adam:

Thank you Earik Beann for sending me a copy of Killing Adam in exchange for an honest review.

Killing Adam

Adult – Science Fiction

I really enjoyed the fast-paced writing style. This book was easy to read, and it had a great ending. For those of you who love books without a clif-hanger, than you will like this book because all the lose ends are tied up into a nice package in this book.

A little disclosure: I would recommend this to an adult audience.

PG-13 to R rating – Mentions of rape. Graphic discussion of sexual behavior.


In terms of writing style, plot and characters I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

My hesitation with this book is that there is some graphic discussion of sexual behavior that I am quite uncomfortable with and I know other readers will feel the same way. Rape is mentioned quite flippantly in this novel.

I think that it could find a home on a lot more bookshelves if these parts were made less graphic or taken out entirely.

I am hesitant to recommend this book to anyone because, although 85% of it was very enjoyable to read. The graphic content might be fine for some readers, but I cannot walk away from this book review without fully warning you.

This content alone has lowered my overall rating of this book from 4 stars to 3 stars.

Thanks so much for reading this book review!

Sarah June

Sarah June (7)

*All opinions are my own. I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Receiving a copy of this book has not swayed my opinion in any way. 

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