Lemkova Hair Brush Honest Review in 2022

Lemkova Brush review

This post will be about the review of Lemkova Brush & I’ll share what it is, why it’s good for us to use, and if it delivers on its claims. For those of you just getting started, this post includes both pros and cons that need to be taken into account.

About Lemkova brush?

A Lemkova brush is a product described as a “portable pet grooming tool” on their website. It can be used on small to medium sized dogs, cats, and other small pets. The maker claims that the design has been proven by practical experience in four countries around the world to provide effective brushing and removing of stubborn mats and shedding hairs from your animal’s coat.

Now, I will share my review about Lemkova Brush:

Lemkova Brush Review

The Lemkova is crafted with natural bristles, which is attributed to its non-deteriorating property. Plastic would wear down over time and need to be replaced, while the natural bristles of the brush don’t wear out or get clogged overtime. Another benefit of using a Lemkova brush over other brands is that the tips are rounded. This prevents damage to your roots when brushing your hair, protecting your scalp’s health at all times.

A Lemkova brush consists of 3-5 row of bristles. It is advisable to start in the back, gradually circling the scalp in the direction towards front with an even pressure. Repeat this drawing motion anticlockwise.

During the routine process it is common to go over some parts repeatedly, but when you’re about to move on, massage these spots with your fingers for just a little longer than usual.

Price of a Lemkova Brush

A Lemkova Brush starts at $68 and it is worth every penny. The bristles glide through your hair while the wood feels cool against the scalp. It gets to all the little tricky spots underneath and allows me flexibility in styling, since I can create anything from a sleek and smooth hairstyle down to a trendy pixie cut. They’re also environmentally friendly!

Best Place to Buy a Lemkova Brush

When looking at the prices on Amazon, you’ll find that Lemkova brushes are generally more expensive than their competitors. It is hard to tell if this is due to higher quality or just that Amazon has a stricter demand for pricing control in order to be an Amazon merchant.

The Bottom Line

If you want to take your makeup game to the next level, this brush is the must-have addition to your kit. Not only does it apply makeup flawlessly, but it’s also very easy to clean and dry for storage. This product really makes the application process smooth and does so with ease!

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