20 Must-Try Subtle Balayage Hairstyles

Subtle Balayage Hairstyles

Subtle Balayage is a hairstyle in which hair is moved gradually over time, often with the help of heat and a color or two. This technique can be used to create natural-looking hair highlights that seem to change over time – but it takes some skill and patience! In this article, find out how to achieve the perfect balayage hairstyle with just a little practice!

20+ Different Types of Subtle Balayage Hairstyles

Subtle Balayage is a technique that adds color to the hair without making it look jarring. By adding less than 10% of pigment, Subtle Balayage can give you either a cool or warm tone depending on what color you choose. The most popular subtle tones are highlighted in shades of blonde, gold, and honey blond for a beautiful wavy style with amazing volume. Following are the different types:

#1: Dark Brown Hair with Cinnamon Balayage

Cinnamon Balayage is a trend that has taken off over the past year. Many people are going for a cinnamon balayage because it is a trend that can be repeated over and over again. It is easy to create and maintain, and it gives your hair more natural shine. The only downside is that if you let this style go too long, then it becomes difficult to remove from your hair.

If you have dark brown hair and want to add some sparkle, try a balayage technique. This is a coloring technique that puts color and highlights on the top of your hair depending on the desired effect. It is perfect for those with darker brown hair and want to add a little bit of brightness to their look. You can even use it to go from black to brown!

Dark Brown Hair with Cinnamon Balayage

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#2: Beachy Caramel Balayage

The Beachy Caramel Balayage hairstyle is a perfect example of how to make your caramel brown hair look like a deep, rich coffee brown color. One great thing about this style is that it’s not too light or too dark. It’s the perfect balance between both. The balayage process will add depth and dimension to your hair without giving you the frizz that accrues with most balayage techniques.

The Beachy Caramel Balayage is a fun and airy look that would be perfect for springtime. It has a beachy feel to it and is perfect for those with lighter hair. The style will look great in any eye color, and this hairstyle can even be completed with subtle streaks of blonde on the front to add definition.

Beachy Caramel Balayage

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#3: Brunette with Subtle Highlights

There are many different styles for brunette hair. While some of these styles include very subtle highlights, others will have a bolder look with little to no highlighting. If you want to try out new looks without going too overboard, start off by playing around with lighter roots and darker hair from the mid-shaft down.

To get a beautiful, soft and subtle looking highlight, use a lighter shade for your hair and then spray a little bit of hairspray on top. This technique can be used on any color of hair.


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#4: Subtle Ash Balayage

A subtle ash balayage is a great hairstyle for those who want to highlight their natural hair color. This style will accentuate your natural hair color and make it look like you have highlights without the commitment of a full highlights.

Most people are tired of the bright and brassy hair color. This is a great time to try out some subtle ash balayage on brown hair. It will give you a natural look that is easy to style and maintain. This is a great way for someone who doesn’t want to go too bold with their hair color, but still wants to add a little glam!


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#5: Subtle Chocolate Balayage

The subtle Chocolate Balayage hairstyle has been the most popular style for women in 2018. This style allows you to use many different hair color shades and go from natural to dramatic with ease.

The Chocolate Balayage looks best when it is done on dark hair. To achieve this look, start off with a level 6A or 2N level of light brown root or base color. It is important to remember that this shade will not last as long as an intense balayage style but it is a good way to see your progress without drastically changing your appearance too often.


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#6: Tonal Strawberry Blonde Balayage

A strawberry blonde balayage hairstyle is a great way to achieve an extra healthy look. This type of hair color is mostly requested by clients who have naturally dark brown or black hair, but it can be achieved with any shade of brown.

To get the strawberry blonde balayage hairstyle, you will need to get your hair professionally bleached and toned at a salon before your stylist creates a lighter brown look with natural highlights.

With this style, you can create a bright look that stands out and complements your features. This style is also known as a strawberry blonde balayage because it looks like the hair has been dipped in the final stage of creating the strawberry blonde color. The tonal strawberry blonde balayage hairstyle is great for both men and women.


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#7: Brunette with Blonde Tips

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle, a brunette with blonde streaks may be the perfect solution. There are two ways to go about this: either do a platinum blond or a light brown and then add your own color highlights or lowlights to create the look of blonde.

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#8: Red Balayage on Dark Hair

Most balayage colors can be used on dark hair, but some colors are a little more challenging than others. For example, the dark browns and black may require several different shades of red to create an ombre effect.

Red Balayage on Dark Hair is a trendy way to accent a dark hair color. The technique is perfect for that chic chic look and has been a popular trend in the last few years. The red balayage highlights are subtle enough to complement dark hair and look beautiful when paired with other sexy styles such as the messy bun or high ponytail.


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#9: Dimensional Copper Balayage

Dimensional Copper Balayage Hairstyle is a beautiful and luxurious hairstyle that would make any woman feel amazing. It’s a fun, creative style that’s a great way to try something new. The hairstyle can be mixed with other styles like straight hair or braid extensions, so it’s easy to create the style of your dreams!


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#10: Dark Roots with Honey Balayage

Honey Balayage creates a very natural looking color. This color is great for brunettes and even people with red hair. In order to create this tone, we need to use two different types of browns.

This hairstyle is a perfect combination of a darker and lighter shade. The darker roots are highlighted to make the hair appear as if it was naturally that way, while the honey balayage highlights give it a softer, more natural look.

10-wavy-bob-with-honey-blonde-babylights (1)

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#11: Light Brown Balayage

The light brown balayage hairstyle has become a popular choice for many people. It is easy to maintain, and the style can be worn in different ways. The color usually starts on the top of the head and gradually fades down to the ends.

It can be seen on celebrities such as Megan Hilty and Selena Gomez. If you are thinking about getting this look, then it’s important to make sure that you keep the color light brown. This will make your hair more natural looking instead of highlighting your hair for an obvious stylized look.


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#12: Dark Gray With Violet Balayage

A dark gray hairstyle with violet balayage is a trendy new look for 2018. This elegant color combo will give your hair a luminous glow. To get the perfect shade of violet, you can ask your stylist to mix lavender and purple pigments to create a new hue. For more ideas about this trending style, check out our article on medium-length hairstyles with bangs.


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#13: Brown with Auburn Balayage

Brown hair with auburn balayage is an excellent way to have your hair color done. Auburn haired individuals should consider this look because the brown and red tend to compliment each other nicely. This can be seen in the introduction of many Hollywood stars such as the Kardashians, Rihanna, and Shakira.

This hairstyle is the perfect addition to your brown locks. It makes you look younger and vibrant!


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#14: Tonal Ash Brown Balayage

Tonal Ash Brown Balayage Hairstyle is the newest hairstyle fad. This style can be achieved by using a tonal hair color, which is a lighter brown shade. It can also be achieved with balayage, a technique where strands of hair are painted onto the head and are blended together to create natural looking highlights on the hair.


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#15: Perfectly Peach Balayage

The peach balayage hairstyle is a fun and modern style that will change the way you look. Whether you’re struggling with your current hair color or want to try something new, the peach balayage hairstyle is for you. It’s a color that’s difficult to resist and is perfect for any occasion.


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#16: Soft Honey Highlights

If you are looking for a new hairstyle for the summer, this soft Honey highlights hairstyle is perfect. It is a very natural and easy hairstyle that you can do without any makeup. It also requires only three products; shampoo, conditioner and honey.

It is a dramatic and eye catching hairdo that can be achieved by using hair chalk. The soft honey highlights hairstyle is simple to create with any style or texture of hair.


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#17: Rose Gold Balayage

Rose gold balayage is a hair dye technique that is becoming more and more popular. The term “rose gold” has many meanings, but it usually refers to the color that has been used in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. It usually starts off as silver-white, but then changes into a gold-champagne tone over time. Rose gold balayage is a great way to go lighter without going blonde or red natural hair colors.


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#18: Dark Brown to Ash Brown Balayage

If your hair is dark brown to ash brown, you can enhance its color with a balayage hairstyle. The basic idea behind the style is to create a gradient of lighter and darker shades that seamlessly blend together over the head. It’s even easier than it sounds because there are many variations on the style for all levels of expertise.


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#19: Subtle Deep Red Balayage

Subtle deep red balayage is a popular look for many women. If you’re considering a subtle deep red balayage hairstyle for your next event, make sure the color isn’t starkly against the hair’s natural hue. The best thing to do is to find a stylist that can use natural light to accentuate the depth of the color.


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#20: Playful Purple Highlights

Purple Highlights are a fun way to play up your hair color. They make you stand out from the crowd and tend to be quite popular these days. Choosing your favorite shade of purple is the first step in achieving this look. After that, simply give yourself a purple shampoo and conditioner, then apply purple or violet-based highlights to your hair according to what you like.


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The balayage hairstyle is the latest trend in hair color. By using a dark brown or black toner, and then adding a lighter shade in one area of the hair, you achieve a beautiful contrast that can be worn according to your personal preference. The subtle nature of this method prevents it from looking fake or overdone.

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