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Anyone who has colored their hair knows the realities of working with fading shades, unwanted grays, and lackluster locks. But what if your hair color could change, in an instant? And not just when you get it done at the salon – but at any point in between! That changes all the rules. White to Black is a revolutionary new shampoo that lets users to blend in step-by-step – one strand at a time.

About the Product

WtoB Shampoo is a safe, natural and also healthy for color treated hair. It works to fight the chemical process of dying hair darker with same chemist-developed molecules ordinarily found in your skin. It does so with 100% chemical free formula – no ammonia, sulfate or paraben. Ingredients include keratin to soften and hydrate strands that have been chemically tested for safety.

WtoB Shampoo is a product that was created by celebrity stylist, Tyra Banks. This product is designed to gradually darken the hair over time.

WtoB Shampoo Before and After {My Review}

White to black shampoo is a new product that has been trending on the internet for the past few months. This shampoo allows you to change your hair color without damaging it or risking your natural hair color. The company presents itself as an American-based company which offers premium products for consumers.

When I first got this shampoo, my hair was so so so so dry it almost seemed like straw. But now my scalp looks and feels noticeably healthier and the condition of my roots has drastically improved.

I was really excited about this shampoo, as I have been using bleach to lighten my hair for the last six years. The first time I used it, I was amazed at how well it took out those pesky yellow tones! On the downside, if you have any dark roots, the white/copper color will look pretty unnatural.

wtob shampoo

Key Features of WtoB Shampoo

The first thing I can tell you is that the acid content in the shampoo is really high. The first thing I had to do was read through a lot of reviews on this product and what I found is that one of the key features of this shampoo is its pH neutrality. The fact that you can dilute it further with water, as opposed to other shampoos which cannot be diluted, is another positive

Benefits of Using the Shampoo

WtoB shampoo is a unique product that helps repair and condition your scalp. When we use shampoos that strip our hair of it’s natural oils, such as commercial formulas, we can often experience an itchy and dry scalp. WtoB shampoo is made from organic products and includes rich oils to soothe and hydrate your hair when you wash it. Using this specialized shampoo will help prevent hair loss, protect the color of your hair, and keep skin irritation to a minimum.

How to Use WTOB shampoo

WtoB shampoo is an amazing product that can help you get rid of unwanted hair. It comes in a bottle with the letter “T” on it and two types of lids: one for black hairs and one for white hairs. The white lid has to be used if you want to go from black to white, while the black lid is for the opposite process. To use this product, you need to read the user manual that came with your purchase before opening the bottle.

Unscrew the cap and pour some of the contents into your hand or onto a towel (never directly on your head). After pouring some of it on your scalp, massage the product into your hair until there are no more visible strands of hair coming out. You can get it from their official website.

Dos and Don’ts of using WTOB Shampoo

White to Black shampoo is an all-natural hair colorizer that actually works. I had my fair share of bad hair dyes and bleaches that left me with fried, damaged hair. White To Black shampoo was a completely different experience. For starters, the color didn’t drip on my clothes or on any other surfaces – it doesn’t stain!

The first time you use this product, it will feel like your hair has been stripped of its natural oils and moisture. Use a deep conditioner and some leave-in conditioner just as you would if you had chemically colored your hair. The first time I used it, I unfortunately had to wash my hair four times before the water ran clear.


We all want to keep our hair healthy and beautiful. WtoB Shampoo Reviews: White to Black Shampoo is a great solution for those of you who would like to change the color of your hair without having to dye it. This product can reverse the graying process, remove any unwanted color, and make your hair healthier at the same time. All you have to do is apply this shampoo three times a week after washing your hair as usual.

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